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A smart way to choose a chiropractor in the Bridgewater area is to do exactly what you are now doing.
Read here about our philosophy of patient care as well as our many 5 STAR patient reviews.
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With 20 years of dedicated, patient-care experience, Dr. Beatrice, DC makes a simple promise — you’ll feel better
withintwo weeks of starting your chiropractic treatment. If you don’t, he’ll order further tests and/or refer you to one
of the many trusted physicians he works with.

Dr. Beatrice specializes in musculoskeletal problems — herniated discs, pinched nerves, neck and back pain,
tendinitis — that leave many people suffering daily and not enjoying a full life. Whether you are
an aching weekend warrior orfeeling stiff from sitting at a computer all day, we’ll get you
feeling better faster.
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Happy Patient Stories
of Pain Relief...

5 Stars Review
“For 7 years, he has treated
me for chronic pain due

to herniated discs. His care
is effective and tailored.”
— SA, Basking Ridge, NJ

5 Stars Review
“Dr. B is truly a miracle worker!
After surgeries on my spine,
he did not give up on me and
helps to relieve pain each visit.
Truly a blessing!” — HL, Raritan, NJ

5 Stars Review
“With him in my corner as my
chiropractor for 10 years, I
have been able to maintain a
high level of overall fitness.”
Thanks B! — TS, Middlesex, NJ

5 Stars Review
Dr. “B” is an excellent
chiropractor who truly cares
about his patients. He has
improved my quality of life.”
— SL, Bridgewater, NJ